Documentary film and discussion nights at Café Atma

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Cafe Atma – 40 Crwys Rd, Cardiff, South Glamorgan, CF24 4NN

Vegetarian and vegan café, Café Atma have started hosting documentary film nights on every third Thursday of the month. 

The evening starts with the showing of the documentary, and is followed by a discussion and dinner, which includes dessert. Entry for the night is £6.

The evening starts at 6:30pm and runs until 8:30pm. 

Radhikesa Dasa, one of the monks at Café Atma, told me more about the documentary nights, “We show a documentary related to anything really, but we generally show something food related, or a film about environmental problems. And then we have a little discussion that comes from an angle from our teachings, so how we can implement certain life style changes within us.”

Their next documentary night will be on Thursday 24th October.