Games and play come to Cardiff Bay

A game of Human Bingo - photo provided by Alison John

A game of Human Bingo, one of the games that will be played on day two of Playark Festival – photo provided by Alison John

For the past four years Yello Brick, a creative marketing agency, have been looking into how games and play can connect people socially. With the help of other gaming companies, they will be hosting Playark Festival on 1 and 2 November.

Playark started in 2009 as a simple day of games in the park. Now the festival has grown into a two-day event. This year, day one will be dedicated to explaining the theory of play through talks, and day two will be putting the theory into practice with a day of games. These include Extreme Musical Chairs, Super Bacon Grab, and Spaghetti Standoff.

Yello Brick decided to put on the festival because they are interested in how adults don’t play anymore.

Alison John, producer at Yello Brick, said, “It’s all about bringing people together to make the city a playground.”