Upbeat pop singer conquers Cardiff

Chloe Cooke has gained a following with her YouTube videos and upbeat pop which attracts a young audience in South Wales.

Chloe Demo

Chloe Cooke’s music is imbued with her lively personality. Image credit: Andrew Lawson, 2013.

When you have regularly attended gigs after school from a young age, your destiny is bound to be in the music industry. This is true of Chloe Cooke, 22, from Barry who has been singing and writing her own songs since the age of 12.

An encounter with Chris Braide who has written for Kylie Minogue inspired her to start writing about her own personal experiences.

Now, fast-forward to 2013 and Chloe is part of a five-piece band that has recorded over 20 tracks. They record in their bedrooms and regularly gig around venues in Cardiff.

Chloe said: “My music is positive and upbeat. I like listening to music that makes me feel good and this is what my music is all about.”