A new chapter begins for Maddie Jones

Maddie Jones, a familiar face on Cardiff’s music scene, is ready to release her first full length album, Vita Brevis. The 2013 winner of Cardiff’s big gig competition is currently putting the finishing touches to her launch, which will be held on 13 November at the Moon Club.

Maddie is an artist who loves to blend styles and with the new album, listeners can expect everything from jazz to folk and even some funk to keep it interesting.

In the build up to the launch, as well as filming her first music video, Maddie has produced some videos that go through the new album track by track giving a taster of each tune.  She said, “It’s a great way to get to know an artist if you have never heard them before”.

Maddie would also like to tour with the new album. “Ideally that is the next step,” she said.