Christmas Market Holds Surprises

Revellers enjoy the market's sheer variety.

Revellers enjoy the market’s sheer variety


It’s not just bratwurst and mulled wine at the Cardiff Christmas market anymore. As the ever-popular attraction opens on 14 November, a slew of variety food stalls will also be in attendance.

“We’re the only one of our kind in Wales” says Leeann Smith, chocolatier and owner of Printed Chocolates. Ms Smith takes photos and messages and prints them directly onto chocolate products, from edible wedding invitations to photographs printed onto personalised snowmen. “Everything we do is extremely personal”.

Chocolate snowmen, complete with personal photo.

Chocolate snowmen, complete with personal photo

Other unique stalls include the Chockshop, a home-delivery service for chocolate brownies, and paella-specialists The Spanish Buffet.

“I hope to bring some Spanish flavours to the market, such as our famous cider chorizo” says Gabriel Bosch, owner of the Buffet. Bosch brings the taste of Spain to the market all the way from the Balearic islands.