Josh Savage plays house concert

In conjunction with the release of his new EP, Spaces, Josh Savage is coming to Cardiff on the 28th of November. It will only be the third time the Winchester-based performance artist will play in the Welsh capital.

Josh Savage Living Room Tour 2014

Josh Savage Living Room Tour 2014

 Josh said, “I love playing living room shows because they’re so intimate and you can really connect with your audience. I’ve only done two shows to a Welsh audience but the response has been great and I’m a sucker for the Welsh accent.”

 The mellow tones and haunting vocals of his first album, Mountains in Hurricanes continue (received great critical acclaim. More of the same can be expected from) in Spaces EP. The combination of Josh’s melodies and the intimate setting of a house concert will be sure to amaze and enrapture.

 To listen to the Spaces EP lead track, watch this video:

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