Christmas ceilidh rocks into Cardiff

Cardiff looks set to shake and spin as the annual Ruff Ceilidh Christmas dance roars into town. 

ceilidh 1

Dancing to a live band is a thrilling experience and a great way to keep fit.

World-renowned folk band, Juice, will be playing fast and furious tunes at Heath Hospital social club on 13 December, with the buzzing atmosphere seeing punters move and groove to an evening of traditional polkas, circle dances and more.

Expert caller Dave Parsons will explain the steps before the music begins, so ceilidh novices need not worry.

Dave said, “Juice are one of the best reel and jig bands and the age range at the social club will surprise many people, as we get everyone from students to the over 50s.

“We’re not trying to get you to dance perfectly – it’s about moving to the music with a grin on your face.”


There is always a half time spot at the Ruff Ceilidh when a local folk dance side performs to live music. Here are Cobblers Awl step cloggers dancing at the 2011 Ruff Ceilidh.



Steamchicken were at the November Ruff Ceilidh. The band talk about how they formed and what is important for a folk band to do when playing at a ceilidh.