Voxpop: Stress and the city

Currently in its fifteenth year, the National Stress Awareness Day (NSAD) is held on the first Wednesday in November of each year.

It has been organised on 4 November by globally acclaimed and UK-based International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) in a bid to spread the word about this issue.

Modern life causes stress

Image from jean pierre gallot on Flickr. Modern life causes stress

Stress is a large part of daily modern life. The symptoms don’t show themselves clearly, with complaints ranging from stomach-aches and headaches, to insomnia and frequent illness.

The problem is a significant one with four out of ten Britons saying that they suffer from it.

stress ball

Image from Flickr. A common way to deal with stress, a stress ball

Sarah Williams, an employee at mental health organisation Cardiff Mind, commented that they don’t have anything specific planned for the day but said, “We have tons of support activities (see sidebar) run daily to help people cope better.”