Modern Blues: The Waterboys return

Releasing their 11th album Modern Blues, described as rock ‘n’ roll injected with southern soul, The Waterboys return to St David’s Hall on 25 November 2015.

The band having reincarnated many times, with over 80 different members throughout its lifetime, return to Cardiff as the following: Mike Scott (Vocals, Guitar, Piano), Steve Wickham (Electric fiddle, mandolin), Ralph Salmins (Drums), Brother Paul (Keyboards), David Hood (Bass) and Zach Ernst (Lead Guitar).

The Waterboys

The Waterboys perform – Flickr/cc

The Waterboys’ press release confirms the bands new sound has resulted organically, “It arrives on the back of the creative momentum built up over the past few years including the release of their potent, poetic An Appointment With Mr Yeats and Fisherman’s Box…to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Fisherman’s Blues