Discover Twitter’s complaint culture

One Twitter user is behind several of Cardiff’s online complaint pages

Pages like Cardiff Council Fails give an insight to the public’s grievances.

It has emerged that three of Cardiff’s Twitter complaint pages have just one little bird tweeting behind the scenes.

Everyone has experienced daily inconveniences and injustices that push us to need a moan.

Well, one Twitter user has taken it upon themselves to not only run just one account for Cardiff residents to complain to, but three.

The person behind these pages is @PoorParkingCDF (PPC) who explains, “I was inspired by the way local people park and was starting to get fed up with it.”

Poor Parking Cardiff shares photos provided by followers of their parking grievances.

It is PPC’s hope that, “It will improve the way people park and hopefully make them more aware of their parking. As well as providing an outlet for people.”

Car parking is the most popular of Twitter complaints. With three twitter pages dedicated to the subject in Cardiff.

However, PPC also runs Cardiff Bus Fails, a page dedicated to highlighting passenger’s worst experiences on Cardiff buses.

PPC’s newest page is called Cardiff Council Fail and is based on people’s complaints about the local council.

Despite being such a busy member of the twitterati, PPC very much enjoys running the accounts and hopes their followers enjoy what they do.

PPC also notes that quite a few of their followers follow other complaint pages too, each specialising in different topics.

For example, Cardiffparking also focuses on parking in the city but looks into the way it is enforced by the council. This twitter page even includes a blog with details on particular parking issues around Cardiff.

There is also Filthy Cardiff which shows the worst of Cardiff’s litter and aims to keep the city’s street clean.

Cardiff residents are spoilt for choice by such pages, there is a community for most topics of complaint.

So far PPC has yet to receive any complaints from angry parkers who have found their car on Twitter.

Perhaps they need their own Twitter page?