Master the art of cocktails with Be At One

Join the staff at Be At One for a cocktail crafting class with plenty of games to boot; create your own happy hour!

The list of exclusive choice of cocktails available for the Masterclasses

The Masterclass cocktail menu

Cocktails have always been a dearly loved beverage genre, and currently on the rise. Be At One’s cocktail masterclasses are here to whisk you away to their boozy wonderland.


The bar is located on St. Mary Street and is the third biggest branch of the popular Be At One franchise.


The masterclasses begin with a choice of a Prosecco or a Bellini on arrival, moving on to the crafting of two cocktails from a choice of 14. With constant assistance by the skilled staff at the bar, superior drinks are a guarantee!


To top this off, there are games that follow: “We do a lot of fun activities, where we’ll group you up in pairs. One of our favourites is the blindfolded mojito race, where one of you will be blindfolded and asked to make the drink with help from the other and then we judge the drinks at the end.”, says bartender Joshua Benjamin Forster.

A delicious Mango Bellini. Peach flavoured available as well.

Mango Bellini, one of the two choices of drink available on arrival

The masterclasses require a minimum group of six, but can go on to host about 30-40. The time period of the class depends on the number of people, but on average lasts about two hours and costs £25 per person.


This Christmas, they are running their Shake It With Santa masterclasses. These entail delicious festive cocktails and some fun activities and costs £30 per person. A select few will have the chance to find out how to make their special Xmas cocktails.


You can book your Shake It With Santa masterclasses from now until January 2018.


Bartender Jack Griffiths says “I don’t work the masterclasses myself but I would definitely recommend it. What I do personally, when people tell me what they have learnt in the masterclass, I ask them what’s in it, see if they remember it and stuff. Often, some go and get the equipment to make their own cocktails.”