Inclusive women’s network to launch

Cardiff Business Girls will support women unable to attend other groups because of finance or meetings clashing with school hours

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Amanda Ayres founded the Business Girls Network with one aim: “to empower, support, and inspire female entrepreneurs or aspiring businesswomen.” (photo credit: The Business Girls Network)

A women’s business network is to launch in Cardiff on 28 October at Cardiff Bierkeller.

The Business Girls Network is a business community for female entrepreneurs.

Originating in London, the group aims to empower and educate women through events and online networks.

The group was founded in Maidenhead in 2014 by local mother Amanda Ayres and now has over 2,500 members.

The founder of the Cardiff branch hopes all women will feel able to attend the group, regardless of experience or finance.

Lisa Rees, a single parent who runs a web design business, has noticed other women’s groups popping up in Cardiff but wants The Business Girls to be more inclusive.

“I only know of three groups in Cardiff, two of which are out of my price range, that are women only,” she said.

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The Inspire Conference and Awards was held earlier this year in London and celebrated the achievements of the group’s members (photo credit: The Business Girls Network)

Feeling unsupported as a parent can also discourage women from starting their own businesses, Rees says.

She added: “Other groups also tend to be breakfast or evening meetings, which wouldn’t be possible with children. I think that Cardiff is now realising there is a huge amount of women in this position, and these needs need to be catered for.”

Above all, the Website Wonder Woman founder thinks that any group encouraging women to strive in business is positive.

She said that she has in the past felt “out of my depth and unprofessional when faced with men from corporate backgrounds” and hopes the groups can be more encouraging.

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Listed upcoming events include a talk on marketing strategy and making video for twitter and Instagram

A member of the Women in Planning group, which is launching next week in Cardiff, has felt the same way.

Speaking to AltCardiff last week Kimberley Arley said: “I don’t think it should be about excluding men at all. It’s more about recognising the cultural change of the modern world.”

Tickets to The Cardiff Business Girls launch can be bought on Eventbrite.