Cardiff Character: Tudley James

Sneak a peek into the life of Tudley James, a self-made pointillist, alternating between his passion for art and film

Tudley James in front of his Art stand on Queen Street

Pointillist Tudley James


If you’re lucky, you will find a delectable assortment of artistic talent as you stroll down Queen Street. One such skilled individual is a pointillist with gentle eyes who goes by the name Craig Tudor James, or Tudley James as he likes to be called.

Pointillism is a form of art in which small, distinct dots of colour are applied in patterns to form a picture. It was initially developed by Georges Seurat and Paul Signac in 1886.

Although his home in the valleys is quite a distance from the city centre in Cardiff, Tudley seems unbothered by the travel. With traffic being its usual horror, it takes an hour for him to travel to his workplace.

Having stayed in Cathays for some time before shifting back home, the city and its people hold a soft spot in his heart.

Growing up
Born in the city of Newport in the 80s, the 34-year-old artist studied art and design in college with distinction, and also completed a bachelor’s degree in film and video at the University of Wales.

The field of arts was of interest to him from as far back as he can remember. Drawing came naturally. He comments that he was always in the back of the class, drawing and doodling, and laughs as he adds that it was probably why he failed everything else.

Coming from a tight knit family, he is the only member of the Tudor James clan to have delved into this domain. He mentions his sister Stacey, a primary school teacher who “cannot draw at all.”

Extended passion
Tudley also has a passion for film, and turned that passion into a British film company named TudorFilms.

He seemingly fell into the world of film by chance, attending a film class in college once. He is currently the sole director of the company.

“I just fell in love with it. I always loved film, so I studied it instead of art”

TudorFilms specializes in Horror comedies. He recommends his recently released film Granny of the Dead, a film he describes to be about a boy’s grandmother who turned into a zombie.

Artist Tudley James smiles wide while showcasing his art in the city centre

Tudley James stands tall and proud showcasing his art

Inspiration; or lack thereof
A unique aspect to this artisan is his source of inspiration; being nothing in particular. He states that his art flows naturally through him, he has never really experienced moments of inspiration.

Although he generally dislikes most of the art that is commonly popular, he does look up to one Richey Becket of Cardiff. Fellow pointillist Richey, “Does a lot of big work for big bands and movies, he has also done a poster for Game of Thrones, yeah he’s really good” Tudley says.

Always positive
As cliché as it is to ask an artist if he went through a tough phase, when asked, Tudley responded with a surprisingly positive note. Although his current finances could be better, continuing with his passion for art and film keeps his spirits up.

His future holds no bounds, he is currently “obsessed” with pointillism but he will try other forms of art. For Tudley, immersing himself in his art is what he loves most and will continue doing.