Building experts discuss a better future

The Specifi UK Roadshow focuses on battling climate change by making the built environment more green 

Industry professionals at the Specifi networking dinner

Local architects and construction professionals in Cardiff will meet at a special event next week to learn about the latest developments in sustainable techniques for building.

The event is being run by Specifi UK on 6 November at City Hall and is aimed at professionals working in architecture, construction and facilities management.

Specifi is hosting a series of roadshows about green architecture and aims to get local building professionals all in the same room. Cardiff is the next stop on their UK tour.

The evening will include a talk by inspirational speaker and sustainability expert Martin Brown, an acknowledged author in the field, followed by a networking expo and a three-course dinner. 

Andrew McCormick, 52, from Sheffield, the founder of Specifi said, “The time for non-radical solutions has gone.”

He added that the most carbon emissions are caused by the built environment, and that building green needs to become the normal way of doing things. So events such as this one are vitally important to make change in how buildings are designed. 

Invited guest Martin has said the event will use the hashtag #BeTheNewNormal to make the public more aware of the need for changes in green building. 

The Specifi seminar for local professionals

He added, “The topic of my talks is Imagine Better and focuses on regenerative sustainability. We no longer have the luxury of only being less bad, but we now need to be doing more good.”

Martin stated the building industry needs to do much more to become part of the solution and not the problem.

Christopher Tweed, head of the School of Architecture for Cardiff University and Chair in sustainable design, said that some already dismiss sustainability as a passing fad, but the problems are not going away any time soon. 

Paul Brooke, Specifi CEO, said the simple act of like-minded individuals meeting up is so important in such a digital world.  

He added, “This is our third year running this event in Cardiff and we always get a really great turnout of up to 100 professionals. It’s a great night with a really engaged, friendly, built-environment bunch.” 

The evening will run from 4.30pm until 22.00pm and is free of charge.