Vegan menu for Roath sushi bar

Japanese restaurant Tenkaichi hopes to wow diners with a more authentic, more inclusive menu- and turns dining into a game

Oliver Cuenca ate some of this rainbow maki at Tenkaichi

A colourful array of Tenkaichi’s rainbow maki

A local sushi restaurant’s new menu brings vegan cuisine, exotic drinks and entertaining experiences to the table.

Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar on City Road, which prides itself on providing ‘authentic Japanese cuisine, has introduced a new vegan and vegetarian menu to prove that sushi isn’t just for meat-eaters, alongside other new meals and drinks.

For manager Lloyd Watkins, it was particularly important to acknowledge the growth in popularity of vegetarianism in the past decade, and that Tenkaichi was adapting to suit the needs of its customers.


Lloyd Watkins of Tenkaichi Sushi and Noodle Bar

Tenkaichi’s owner, Lloyd Watkins

“A lot of people were coming in here before, and it was difficult because we didn’t have a set vegetarian and vegan menu, but now with this new menu people know what they can have a lot better.

“People say ‘Ah well we can’t have sushi, we’re vegetarian’. But actually, there’s quite a range of sushi you can make, with things like avocados and mangos and the like.”

New menu items include six entirely vegan types of sushi, vegetable curry and vegan ramen amongst other items.

According to a study this year by comparethemarket, the UK population has experienced a surge in recent years of people who abstain from eating meat and animal byproducts, with over 3.5 million British people identifying as vegan in 2018, compared to only 540,000 people in a similar study by The Vegan Society in 2016.

Thus Tenkaichi’s new menu could not be more timely.

The drinks menu has also been revitalised, with with a new selection of Japanese beers replacing the European ones, as well as still and sparkling sake.

Most uniquely however, Tenkaichi is also giving customers the chance to play ‘Sushi Roulette’, which promises to turn the meal into an exciting game to be enjoyed with friends.

Lloyd explains: “You have a party, and you get three pieces of sushi each with one per round. And in each round one of those pieces will be full of wasabi. It’s a bit of fun.”