Local skate shop to showcase new video

An independent skate shop will showcase a new skating video on 16 November at the Beelzebubs bar on Church Street

Entrance to Cardiff Skateboard Club

Cardiff Skateboard Club will be presenting the video of Washer II, in collaboration with the Spit & Sawdust skate park.

The skate video is compiled of 3 different cameramen in Cardiff, and edited together, with their own different styles to create one video. The video will showcase different skaters, and their flips, tricks, and even falls!
Washer have done the same with their last video, Vague.

“Even if you’ve just got a push bike, you can just go and skate so many different things in one day,” said Cardiff Skateboard Club employee Mike Ridout. “We’ve got really good outdoor park down the Bay, on the Barge, and then you’ve got two really really good indoor parks as well, so you can skate all year round”.

This will not be the first time that the skate shop has premiered a skating video. As Mike states with their previous event, “The last one that we did was so packed – we did Blue Honey [cafe/bar on Quay Street], people couldn’t get in. I think they ran out of booze in there! We just drunk the place dry! That was a good night, so hopefully gonna have a repeat of that”.

Cardiff Skateboard Club will have been running for 2 years this December, and has a few successes under its belt, including the Cool Shop Club line of merchandise, which encourages fellow skaters to support their local skate shop.

The Washer II event will begin at 8pm, with free beer for a lucky few. Cardiff Skateboard Club is located inside Castle Emporium on Womaby Street.

Inside the Skate Shop