Traders Cafe and Bar opens this Friday

Choose between teas and coffees inspired by the world or a 90-year-old rum at Traders Cafe and Bar opening Friday 16 November

Traders Cafe and Bar opens Friday 16 November in Llandaff

Traders Cafe and Bar opens Friday 16 November in Llandaff, with drinks inspired from around the world. It will be a cafe by day and a bar by night.

Friends Jonathan Braham-Everett and Jonathan Rees, who share a passion for spirits and cocktails, will be running the business.

The launch is open to the public from 8pm on Friday 16 November. The bar will reopen from 5pm on Saturday. The cafe will officially open at 8am on Monday 26 November.

The bar opening will feature a taster menu of cocktails, as well as the classics. All of these will feature on the full menu in the new year.

However, the business promises to be unique to others, with Jonathan Rees sharing “We have a bamboo bar front, a gold coffee machine and a 90-year-old rum behind the bar.”

The cafe and bar will be run by two separate management teams, ensuring a personalised visit for each occasion.

With a recent study from BMC Public Health revealing that 29% of 16-24-year-olds describe themselves as non-drinkers, the dual purpose business promises something for everyone.

The unique bamboo-fronted bar adds to the ‘around-the-world’ vibe

Traders Cafe and Bar will be located at 26 High Street, Llandaff. The cafe will be open Monday-Sunday during the day, and the bar will be open Wednesday-Sunday in the evenings.

The bar has a rum and gin focused menu, with table service and cocktails inspired from around the world.

Traders state the cocktails will stand out compared to other ventures, both in taste and presentation.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Rees states the cafe will be “a nice, bright escape with teas and coffees from around the world, fulfilling our ‘Traders’ ethos.”

The cafe will serve hot drinks and cakes in a relaxing atmosphere. It also offers a takeaway option for customers on the go.

The owners have turned Traders Cafe and Bar around in just three weeks and are keen to open it to the public after delaying their launch from 9 November.