Unicycle Hockey club offers classes

Unicycle Cardiff holds classes in unicycle hockey as numbers grow, they aim to make Cardiff the hub of unicycle sports in the UK

Some participants have only been riding a matter of minutes whilst others have been attending lessons for much longer

One lesson, one wheel and you will never look back, as local sports club Unicycle Cardiff provide free weekly lessons in a bid to grow their already expanding club.

Unicycle Cardiff have been building their numbers from a single team to a competitive club over the last year;offering mixed abilities classes for free every Sunday.

Unicycles and their riders come from a range of sporting backgrounds and abilities. Photo credits: Unicycle Cardiff

As the clubs title suggests participants will learn to first ride a unicycle before progressing on to playing hockey and other unicycle sports at the same time.  Classes are offered at 8 pm every Sunday at the House of Sports.

The Cardiff Unicycle Hockey team has played at some of the highest levels both in the UK and European leagues.  Upon their return from the European Championships in 2017 the team has since sought to foster more homegrown talent and local enthusiasm.  To achieve their aim the team has founded the rapidly growing Unicycle Club.

Each student receives a progress book where they can track their progress. The book includes various skills and progress

Marketing officer Lewis Smiles said, “there is no other sport where your feet don’t touch the ground… every other sport pales in comparison to unicycle hockey”.

The original team consisted of 5 players and the club now sees upwards of twenty attendees each week.

The classes are designed for students of all abilities, classes are “inclusive not exclusive”.

Students do not need to have any experience of playing hockey or riding a unicycle before their first lesson.  

All equipment is provided by the club.

Unicycles and players come in all shapes, sizes and abilities

Each lesson begins with a series of drills which is then followed by a few games of unicycle hockey if players are skilled enough.  However, there is always space for beginners says Lewis.

The club has also recently begun weekly ride outs in the streets and on the tack trails and anyone who is able to ride 100 metres or more is welcome says Lewis.