Skater girls unite at Spit and Sawdust

Prom Queen Social Club gives girls of all ages the chance to learn to skateboard. They hold their first Christmas party on 8 December

skater girls

“We’ve made our own community” – Tamsin Palmer. Photo Credit: Prom Queen Social Club, Division Photography

On 8 December the ladies of Prom Queen Social Club will take over Spit and Sawdust for festivities, good food and trying out new tricks. It’s a chance for Cardiff’s skater girls to own the night.

Prom Queens was founded by DJ Kay Russant in June 2018. One half of the duo GRL TLK, Kay plays sets at House of Vans in London.

“I thought, this is incredible,” Kay says of the girls skate nights Vans organise. “Why are we not doing this everywhere?

Kay’s aim is to welcome new skaters. “Kids can take lessons, but if you’re 20 and you want to skate, you’ve got nowhere to go,” she explains. “At Prom Queens, we have one hour for beginners. That’s really important.”

Family-run skate park Spit and Sawdust subsidises the hire cost, and allows rookies to rent boards to test their skills. Without the resources to pay teachers, Kay found another way. “A lot of girls volunteer their time to teach,” she says. “They help each other learn tricks.”

One of those skater girls is Cara Elise Rosario Sanchez. A musician in girl band Baby Queens, Cara grew up around a surfing community in North Wales. When there were no waves, she skated instead.

“It’s so addictive,” she says. “It helps your self-esteem. Every time you learn something new, you feel this sense of achievement.”

Cara thinks Prom Queens is an integral element of Cardiff’s skating scene. “Although we like to think everything’s equal, the industry is male-dominated,” she says. “There are loads of great guys that skate but it would brilliant to get a balance. There’s no reason why girls can’t drop in on ramps just as well as boys.”

Freelance camera assistant Tamsin Palmer has been skating for a year, and found a great community of like-minded girls at Prom Queens. “Everybody’s really supportive,” she says. “You’ll do something for the first time, and everybody goes crazy because they know it’s a step up for you.”

Tamsin believes skating is for everyone. “The reason we do sports is to have fun. It’s just a way to express yourself,” she says. “I love the fact that I might be inspiring other girls to skate.”

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