Pop-up kitchen helps local refugees

Charity raises money for refugees with a monthly mobile kitchen which serves food from their countries of origin

The Oasis Cardiff team welcome everyone to their pop-up kitchen for a tasty meal

A mobile kitchen that started off as a one-off has become a monthly event to help refugees in Cardiff.

The Refugee Mobile Kitchen is a collaboration between Oasis Cardiff, the asylum seekers and refugees who access the Oasis Cardiff centre and volunteers.

Each event aims to raise money for the centre so that they may help local refugees, as well as providing catering experience for those who work in the kitchen.

Matt Davenport, catering manager for the event, said: “Those that are directly involved, will be exposed to a professional catering environment – developing skills in food hygiene and hospitality.”

He added: “Money generated by the trailer will then be fed into the center, so even clients who do not directly involve themselves in the running of the trailer will benefit.”

Oasis Cardiff has around 100-150 visitors daily — both those who have recently arrived in the area, and those who have been here a while and want to socialise.

The Refugee Mobile Kitchen originated at the Festival of Voice, as part of the refugee project run by the Wales Millennium Centre.

The trailer was well received by the local community during the festival and so they launched it as a monthly event, held on the premises in Splott.

The food served on the trailer is a reflection of the traditional cuisine eaten by the clients who access the centre.

The money from each meal goes to Oasis Cardiff to help refugees

Matt said: “The recipes have been directly developed in collaboration with them, to provide as authentic an eating experience for the consumer as possible.”

In the year ending June 2017, 16,211 people were granted asylum, resettlement or an alternative form of protection in the UK.

Oasis Cardiff helps refugees in the area to develop transferable work, and language, skills that they can take forward into the wider Cardiff community.