How to survive as an artist

The day-long event focuses upon surviving and thriving as a creative practitioner and involves many local artists

Artists Sophie Chapman and Kerri Jeffris, Vi är bäst! (Hate the Sport!), Assembly Cardiff, 8 November 2018. (Credit: Clare Charles)

An arts organisation are holding an event to advise and share ideas about how to thrive in the art industry.

The event includes a workshop, panel discussion and performances, and is run by the Artists Information Company at the Sustainable Studio on Curran Road and other venues throughout the day.

The day will hold a series of interactive sessions led by a range of exciting creative practitioners involved in varying styles of performance and experimental art and will be held on 8 November.

The Artists Information Company A-N is a non-profit organisation that supports artists all over the UK.

Starting at 11.00 and finishing at 18.40 the day long event includes many activities for members of the artistic industry and members of the public.

Panel discussion at Assembly Cardiff, 8 November 2018. A-NM CEO Julie Lomax, Nia Metcalfe, curator and founder of Spit & Sawdust, and Bob Gelsthorpe, artist and writer.

(Credit: Clare Charles)

It is being held in collaboration with Cardiff based artist Thomas Goddard, known for off the wall pieces.

Thomas said the event is important for the industry. “Artists are still some of the poorest paid in a sector that contributed £11.8 billion to the UK economy in 2017,” he explained.

The organisation is running a campaign called Paying Artists Campaign which funds struggling artists.

Group Low Profile led by artists Rachel Dobbs and Hannah Jones will deliver a performance piece. The piece will focus on staying true to yourself while surviving as an artist. Low Profile focus upon political works and popular culture.

LOW PROFILE said, “We are really excited to be speaking at Assembly Cardiff and looking forward to meeting lots of artists from the city to find out more about what is good, bad, challenging or exciting about being an artist in Cardiff.

“We’re going to be asking participants on the day to think about how they can build and extend the community around their arts practice – how people can get together, and work together to make things happen where they live,” they said.

There will be a panel discussion led by A-N CEO Julie Lomax that will focus upon how the cultural sector can have a sustainable and healthy future.

The day concludes with an evening at G39, a local art studio in Adamsdown. This visit will explore the current exhibition.

Tickets cost £5 for those who are not members of A-N.