Community walk to fundraise for farm-bred Schnauzers

Schnauzer lovers are making strides to support the bearded breed which are being damaged by illegal UK farm breeding

The first Mad About Schnauzers (MAS) Christmas jumper walk will be held on 7 December at Cosmeston Lakes, Penarth to raise money to support farm-bred Schnauzers across the UK.

The community Mad About Schnauzers will walk together this winter to raise awareness surrounding the ill-health of Schnauzers, inflicted by “irresponsible” farm breeding in the UK. 

MAS was founded in 2014 by Lisa Halford and Linda Sloan and is now a community of 7,000 Schnauzer lovers. Offering advice and support on caring for the breed that has endured an ill-quality of life due to confined and unclean living conditions and lack of veterinary attention.

Most importantly MAS offers guidance on the trauma that is inflicted by farm breeding. A leading sign of a dog’s trauma is its unwillingness to speak/ bark. Constant reassurance; an abundance of affection and patience in trust gaining is vital in their recovery.

The need for funding is paramount. Illegal farm-breeding related calls in Wales has risen from 112 in 2008 to 452 in 2018. In England, officials received 4,357 calls in 2018 compared to just 890 in 2008. 

Joanna Booty, one of 10 leading organizers, highlighted the aims of MAS funding further explaining how public support helps shed light on the “poor” health of farm-bred puppies.

Joanna said, “The Christmas jumper walks are first and foremost a fun and social event. But, we want to raise awareness about the cruelty of puppy farming and the damage it does.” 

“However”, Joanna added, “Prevention is better than cure, the more people we can educate about the consequences of puppy farming, the fewer people will buy from puppy farms.”