A collection of creatives return to Cardiff to celebrate ‘The Revenge of Arthole’ makers market.

Whether you are an art aficionado or just want a beer, make your way to Kongs this October and embrace Cardiff’s creative scene at The Revenge of Arthole Makers Market

This month the low-brow culture collective, Arthole will host their second pop-up art market at Kongs, Cardiff; following the success of their first event, The Birth of Arthole.

Arthole began in May, out of a desire to connect more with Cardiff’s creative community, and have since organized two successful makers markets.

The Revenge of Arthole will feature 25 artists and their art forms in a comfortable set-up. There will be printmaking, photography and independent publication work, and ceramics and handmade crafts available to browse on the day. 

The market held in the serene space of Kongs, will be free to the public from 1 pm to 6 pm on 27 October. 

The visitors will also be invited to create some artwork of their own, directed by a handful of artists who will be live drawing throughout the day.

An air of low-brow pulp-culture inspires what Arthole describes to be the ‘super casual’ set-up of the makers market. 

According to Joe Davies, a featured artist, by following in the footsteps of low-brow culture, the event subverts typical artistic and social norms and embraces general weirdness, becoming freeing and promoting creativity.” 

What is most important to Arthole is the sense of unity this market brings to the creative community of Cardiff. Kay and Elliot, founders of Arthole, as one said,

“Cardiff is such a vibrant and exciting place to be at the moment creatively, so we wanted to create a space that encourages communication, collaboration, and friendships and that focuses more on the community.”

Joshua Rush, another featured artist in next week’s event continued to say: “Opportunities like Arthole are [an] investment in the creative potential of people.”

He added: “The folk at Arthole are what we need more of in communities. The makers market inspires so many to contribute to and celebrate the creative power of people. Bringing together locals and people further afield supports the community from the ground up.”

All information on the event can be found at (@artholecardiff)