The morning yoga class with Dippy the Diplodocus at the National Museum

This November, those wanting to practise their downward dinosaur will be able to do just that in the National Museum Cardiff

The Main Hall of the National Museum Cardiff
The main hall of the National Museum Cardiff

Three morning yoga classes are being held alongside Dippy the Diplodocus, on display in the museum this winter. The yoga sessions have been planned for the 14, 21 and 28 November. You’ll be moving into salutation with Dippy who has arrived in Cardiff on a national tour. 

Speaking of the morning yoga event she’ll be hosting, instructor Sara McGaughey said, “As it’s pretty early, the practice is likely to be quite gentle to start and we’ll be sure to include a few Down Dogs, Cobras, Cat and Cows under Dippy. The experience of practising under such an iconic structure will be inspiration enough for those who attend. It certainly will be for me.”

The study of yoga is beneficial for both the body and the mind. It is an exercise that focuses on strength and flexibility through posture work and meditation, and has been proven to reduce blood pressure, balance metabolism and protect against athletic injury. 

Yoga is also helpful in maintaining positive mental health. 

Hannah Lovegrove, an instructor with two decades of teaching experience, said, “Focusing on our breathing has an immense benefit for our stress and anxiety levels. During posture work, the connection and focus on the body allows the brain to become quieter. When the brain becomes quieter, all of those stresses, those anxieties, those negative thought patterns, they become much more background. The person feels steadier, stronger, more grounded in themselves.”

Hannah said, “These effects, once they’ve been experienced in a class, become far easier to replicate in daily life.”

Dippy the Diplodocus is 21 metres in length and 4.25 metres tall
Dippy is 21 metres long and 4.25 metres tall
The National Museum will be home to Dippy until January 2020
The National Museum Cardiff will be home to Dippy until January 2020

The arrival of Dippy marks an exciting period for the National Museum Cardiff. The museum plans to make the most of Dippy on Tour: A Natural History Adventure with a busy program of dinosaur-inclusive activities scheduled for the coming months. See a list of what’s on this winter.