Little Man is the home to an upcoming accessible historical lecture

The independent coffee shop are carving out a niche space for themselves, as they host timely cultural and political events for all

Little Man Coffee Company bustling with people on Bridge Street

9 November this year marks 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall and on the anniversary of the occasion, Little Man Coffee will be home to a free lecture on the topic.

The lecture is delivered by REFLECTures – a Cardiff education initiative dedicated to providing historical and political lectures around the city. 

Little Man Coffee has established a unique position for itself as an independent business recently by serving as a hub for creative and informative organisations to host events.

For example, this week’s Wasteless Home, which centred around running workshops to teach people how to be more sustainable in their own home. 

The Berlin Wall at 30 lecture is just the latest example of Little Man’s commitment to providing a space for niche communal events in Cardiff and in being more than a simple coffee shop.

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

Sophie Dally, the events manager at Little Man, said: “Hosting these kind of events is undoubtedly beneficial for the business because it brings people in and it’s also in the name of the company, ‘The little man’, we want to help bring stuff to the forefront and provide a space for such talks to happen.”

One of the major reasons for wanting to host the REFLECTures talk at Little Man, Sophie stated, was to facilitate nuanced discussion.

“Part of why we want to be a home for events such as this is to create a space where like-minded people can come together and also where people who aren’t like-minded can come together, too” she said.

Chris Owen, the founder and co-lecturer of REFLECtures, feels that Little Man is the perfect spot to house the talk.

He said: “We admire Little Man’s engagement with the community and the work they have done for disadvantaged communities.”

Visit Little Man’s Twitter page for more information about the upcoming event.