Thai and Malaysian food collide for new supper club in Cardiff

Two foodies collaborate to cook a wide range of authentic Asian dishes for a unique Thai and Malaysian supper club dinner

Collage of Thai and Malaysian food
From creamy chicken to spicy wings, the Thai and Malaysian supper club offers all range of tastes (Pictures courtesy of Sue Tenges Chow and Gena Goss)

Gena Goss, from Bangkok, and Sue Teng Chow, from Kuala Lumpur, decided it was time to offer an authentic Thai and Malaysian supper club in Cardiff. They joined their two brands to host a supper club dinner with their first bi-ethnic banquet at The Little Man Coffee on 10 November.  

The banquet will be hosted in a home-style way, with traditional Malaysian and Thai dishes laid on top of banana leaves. Gena wrote on Instagram, “We’re so excited to introduce you all to Thai and Malaysian culture through delicious food and traditional way of eating.” 

For £33 their menu offers a welcome drink and 10 specialties, from Nasi Lemak, which Sue described as Malaysia’s national dish, to the well-known Pad-Thai noodles from Thailand.  

The Western world’s enthusiasm for Thai food is of no surprise to Sue. She said, “In Malaysia we also love Thai food!” 

With this dinner, however, she hopes to bring more interest to her home-country’s food. Sue said, “I try to introduce more different flavours to people”. 

While Thai food is a mix of spicy, sour and sweet, Malaysian food turns towards creamy flavours with loads of different curries, such as the butter chicken showcased in the menu.

“Thai and Malaysian food are quite similar,” said Sue. “They have different names and cooking techniques but similar ingredients.” 

If the 10-dish spread seems like a lot, Sue said it is typical to have a good variety of plates on the table. She added, “Our concept is you get to share the food and you get to have each of everything.”  

Sharing is as important in Thailand. “As a family we love eating together and sharing about our day,” wrote Gena on Instagram, “because we believe that eating alone is bad luck.”