Cardiff’s food market returns for another month with sustainability as the focus

Boasting local gins, beer and cider, St Fagans market offers a variety of local produce. Come along to the monthly market to get involved

You’ll be spoilt for choice with gins and beers available too. 
Photo courtesy of Unsplash.

Sustainable eating is popular among attendees of St Fagans monthly food market, which will go ahead next month, hosting diverse local food and drink businesses.

On 16 November, the event will be held at St Fagans National Museum of History, with around 15 artisan local food and drink producers, trading their festive goods on the lawn. 

Run by Cardiff Farmers market, the event involves not only a variety of tasty treats, but gin, cider, beers and specialty teas. 

However, with Brexit impending, have local food markets been negatively impacted?

According to the owner of Field Bar Gin, Alice Eaton, this year has been very different to the last 10 years in the business. 

She said: “I do think Brexit has had an enormously negative effect on trading conditions generally already.”

The market regular added that many markets are failing due to changes in spending, but equally, many markets have been positively affected by sustainable eating.

Cathy Heritage, owner of Case for Cooking, said that established traders have been saying all year that food fairs and markets are down on previous years, and some are blaming Brexit. 

A year ago Cathy and her husband started their business producing cooking kits.

In an attempt to reduce plastic waste, they sell refill packs and are currently testing biodegradable bags and pouches for their spices.

She went on: “One thing we have noticed is more people bringing their own shopping bags to market with them, and that’s definitely a step in the right direction.”

Cathy said there seems to be a real split between those who worry about sustainability and those who don’t, for whom other factors, such as time and money are more important.

Whether mindful of sustainable eating or not, the market is a great place to experience exciting, locally-sourced produce.