House Plants Cathays is one of many starts-ups using Instagram to launch their business

More young entrepreneurs are creating small businesses using social media to connect with customers, relying on ‘pretty’ pictures

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As people use Instagram and social media daily, businesses are using it to connect with their audience

Social media has become an important platform for people starting their small businesses and changes the way start-ups get clients.  

According to StatsWales, there has already been a rise in numbers of small businesses across Wales in the last few years.  

As 2020 saw people at home on furlough, some decided to use the extra time to pursue their dream and created a start-up.  

As most people nowadays use social media, it played an important role for businesses as it is seen as a great way to connect with the audience.  

Jamie North from Cardiff has been using Instagram as the main way to get clients and within a few weeks, his small house plants business started to grow.  

He said he was surprised at how quickly it took off and thinks it’s thanks to nice pictures and lockdown.  

Jamie North has started house plant business through Instagram
Credit: House plants Cathays
Know what customers want 

He pointed out that he spent time trying to figure out how to make his business stand out. 

I made sure I can do free delivery to the house, which was a big selling point during the lockdown.   

While we can assume everyone wants to be successful with running their own business, it can be overwhelming.  

“The biggest challenge was managing the audience. I was getting 50 messages a day at one point and I had to quickly learn to balance it with my other responsibilities.”  

He also talked about how Instagram (and other social media platforms) are useful when collaborating with other small businesses.  

He commented that it’s a good way to support each other and it’s easier to find them through these platforms.  

The way businesses communicate with their clients is ever-changing, but social media might become even more important in the future.