Snails Deli launches moustache cupcakes to raise funds for Movember

Local deli raises funds for men’s health and shows support to male staff and family with the launch of moustache cupcakes

Snails Deli storefront, featuring one of their Movember cupcakes (Credit: Laura Dazon)

Snails Deli, sitting just north of Cardiff, is raising funds for Movember with delicious moustache treats. For every sale, fifty pence will be donated to the organisation fighting for men’s health.

The idea for Movember cupcakes surged after noticing the male staff’s mental health had declined during the first lockdown. Fran, the owner of the deli, explains: “Originally you think you’ve got time off work and that’s nice, but we noticed the staff suffered from being away for so long.”

However, as she quickly adds, the situation wasn’t all new, and a lot of male staff, family, and friends, had suffered in the past with depression. More than anything, she wanted to show the deli was supporting them.

The rate of male suicide is alarmingly high: 3 out of 4 suicides in the UK are by men.


(Image credit: @snailsdeli on Instagram)

And her support is well needed. Indeed, according to the Movember organisation, men account for 75% of suicide. Raising funds for the charity goes towards health prevention campaigns and the development of projects aiming to reduce the number of men dying prematurely by 25% in ten years.

The cupcakes are available every Friday and Saturday for the month of November, with 50 pence being donated for every sale, so you have one more week to get your hands on one!

Putting people and the planet first

This type of engagement isn’t new for Snails Deli. For years, they’ve been organising concerts and events to raise funds for diverse charities.

Freshly baked moustache cupcakes, with pink, yellow and blue icing. One way to do a delicious good deed!
(Image credit: @snailsdeli on Instagram)

On top of that, the 14 years old business established by Fran and her husband Rupert is ecologically-minded. As Fran states, “We are very conscious of our environmental footprint.”

That’s the reason you won’t find much plastic at Snails Deli: from the bags to the cups and lids, they strive to make the packaging recyclable and compostable as much as possible. Finally, they make it a point to cook in-house and source the ingredients locally.