How full-size house murals are fast becoming Cardiff’s newest art trend

What once would have been seen as graffiti or defacement is now a source of hope and joy for residents and neighborhoods across Cardiff

Rhiannon Lewis painted a rainbow mural onto the front of her house in Splott back in March as a gesture of support for key workers during the pandemic

House murals are becoming Cardiff’s newest art trend. Cardiff residents have been taking a paintbrush to their house fronts over the pandemic to express themselves. The new trend has spiked over the lockdown period and looks like it could be here to stay.

Residents from Splott, Roath and Pontypridd have recently turned their houses into works of art. From three-metre-tall rainbows in support of key-workers, to giant poppy fields commemorating fallen soldiers of WW2, the murals are fast becoming Cardiff’s newest artistic trend.

Here to stay

Choosing to deface your entire terrace is a very permanent move. It seems residents can make these bold adjustments regardless of planning permission.

Cardiff City Council told us, “Generally, planning permission is not required to paint the exterior of your house.” The 1995 Town and Country Planning Order says residents have the freedom to paint their house however they wish. The only exceptions to this rule are listed buildings and conservation areas.

This is great news for the creative community.

Rhiannon Lewis painted a six-foot rainbow on the front façade of her house in Splott back in March. She only planned to have the rainbow temporarily but now feels it is part of the house. She said she is, “Open to different designs and would love to have a different artist paint the house every six months.”

Rhiannon thinks the spike in popularity for house murals is a consequence of people being at home more and having time to express themselves creatively.

Changing minds of others

Rhiannon says the mural on her house has, “Brought her community together.”  She says her neighbours were in full support.

The murals are a talking point in communities. Bringing people together who, before lockdown, didn’t really speak.

As the pandemic slogs on, we may see more and more murals appearing in support of various causes. It seems this art trend is not just brightening up the streets of Cardiff, but brightening people’s lives too.

House murals are becoming Cardiff’s newest trend – Best mural locations in Cardiff
  • Elm Street , Roath- This street is well known for it’s row of multicoloured houses. You can find the remembrance house here along with many other interesting exteriors!
  • Sully’s Cafe, Quay street- opposite the principality stadium sits a ginormous amazonian scene on the side of Sully’s cafe, inspired by David Attenborough himself the spot is a must see if you’re spending the day wondering around town
  • Barry Siding’s Cafe in Pontypridd- A little further a field but worth it. Over the summer Tom Llewellyn painted a VE day/ NHS inspired masterpiece on the side of his favourite pub
  • Splott, Cardiff- Stop by and take a selfie outside Rhiannon Lewis’ rainbow house!

Heres a map of our top mural sites in Cardiff