Three quirky activities that will help you keep dry while staying active this Autumn

As the Welsh weather begins to set in, we take a look at three exciting, indoor activities to keep you fit and healthy

Rock climbing as an indoor activity
Don’t look down! Photo Credit: Boulders

As the mercury drops and the heavens open, many of us will give up exercise in favour of cosier activities. This needn’t be the case. Here are three quirky indoor activities in Cardiff.

#3. Rock Climbing – Boulders

In 2021, climbing debuted as an Olympic sport at the Tokyo games. Trade body ABC suggests that there are 100,000 regular climbers in the UK.

Boulders in Cardiff offers two main kinds: Climbing and Bouldering. 

Climbing is what most people will think of: a large wall with small pebbles of varying shapes and sizes with the aim of climbing to the top. You’ll be attached with ropes and a harness.

Bouldering is shorter and more focused on moving across the wall, rather than up it. The shorter wall means no ropes!

Intro sessions run weeknights at 8pm (bouldering) and 6:30pm (climbing); perfect for when you want to release your inner Spiderman!

A class enjoying the Clubbercise indoor activity
A class enjoying Clubbercise at Mission Fitness – let’s glow! Photo Credit: Mission Fitness

#2. Clubbercise – Mission Fitness

Think clubbing without the alcohol or cheeky McDonalds at 3am. Clubbercise combines the athleticism of dancing like no-one is watching with combat training and glow sticks. 

It may initially look like a Mr Motivator-themed rave, but it can significantly benefit your physical and mental wellbeing, according to members of the club.

Clubbercise suggests that you’ll burn around 600 calories per session and tone your muscles. 

The sessions run on Tuesday nights at 7:15pm.

Freerunning can be an outdoor or an indoor activity
Freerunning utilises skills that are human nature! Photo Credit: Rolanas Valionis

#1. Freerunning – Fluidity

If you’re looking for an activity that utilises skills you already have, freerunning could be the one for you. The sport will test your balance, strength and flexibility, using skills that are an innate part of human nature.

But the benefits are mental too. Frazer Meek, director of Fluidity Freerun Academy, says freerunning is all about exploring your capabilities and smashing boundaries.

Classes are run weekly and an eight-week beginner course starts from January.