MoRunning returns to raise awareness for men’s mental health struggles

Data from 2020 illustrates a higher percentage of men struggling with suicide than women in Wales. MoRunning is returning to help raise awareness

Man sitting on stairs with his head in his hands
Men’s mental health is often treated as a taboo subject, but MoRunning encourages men to freely express themselves (Photo credit – Tenielle Jordison)

It’s time to get those running shoes back on and head to Bute Park as the Movember charity event MoRunning returns to Cardiff on 13 November.

The fundraising event for the men’s health charity Movember is coming back to the city’s park this November after a year away in 2020.

MoRunning is an annual event held by Fix Events, raising awareness and funds for issues facing men. Its return is welcomed just in time as men’s mental health in Wales raises concern.

The Samaritans’ 2020 data shows that males were almost four times more likely to commit suicide than females in Wales, and in particular the most vulnerable group were men between the ages 45-54.

Dave Krangel, 50, directing manager of Fix Events, is particularly keen to get back out there to target this issue.

He explained there’s nothing wrong with expressing emotions and having tough times, but added there is still a massive issue with men not wanting to open up.

Originally from New Zealand but now living in Surrey, Dave heard about Movember before he moved to the UK and decided to set up MoRunning.

He explained, “I just thought it was a good cause and men’s mental health issues typically don’t get talked about so much. When they came to the UK and started here, it just seemed like a great opportunity to work with them.

“Movember is doing good things and I think what we do with MoRunning in support of Movember adds a lot to that as well.”

Dave revealed that Cardiff has always been a top location for MoRunning (Photo credit – Fix Events)

The campaigner also thanked the women who get involved with MoRunning because they “inspire” the men in their lives to participate.

With two-and-a-half thousand people usually attending the event in the Welsh capital, Dave anticipates nothing less this year.

He stated, “You’ve got something there to be proud of in terms of Cardiff and the support for MoRunning and men’s health.”