Wyndham Arcade’s newest cafe serves up a full Welsh breakfast sourced from Cardiff Market

With the ethos of local produce at its heart, the Wyndham Cafeteria is using Cardiff butchers and greengrocers to build its growing breakfast menu

The Wyndham Breakfast will soon be joined by an all vegan version as well as American pancakes from Cardiff Market

Cardiff’s latest independent cafe has opened with a new twist on the full English breakfast: none of it is actually English.

After a soft opening of takeaway coffees and rolls, The Wyndham Cafeteria launched on 12 November and is marketing itself around a menu sourced entirely from Cardiff Market.

Located in Wyndham Arcade, the cafeteria was originally conceived by Waterloo Tea owner Kasim Ali.

The cafe’s manager Carrie Aspinall, 27, says it was important that they get good quality ingredients and support local businesses, especially in regards to meat.

The Barry-born manager wants to make sure that independent butchers thrive and that not all local restaurants source from large wholesalers.

The business is determined to train the staff slowly so as to not overwhelm them

The Wyndham Breakfast comprises of sausages, bacon and black pudding sourced from JT Morgan butchers and mushrooms and tomato from Sullivan’s Greengrocers, both of which are located in Cardiff Central Market.

According to JT Morgan the Wyndham Cafeteria is easy to work with and has a “brilliant” commitment to local businesses. “It keeps us going and keeps the market alive,” says the butchers.

The cafe is also looking to get their bread and rolls from the market but are yet to make the arrangements.

You know rugby goers, they love to have a beer with their breakfast

After their first weekend coincided with the Wales v Fiji rugby match, manager Carrie plans to publicise the business as a place for Welsh sport fans. As part of this they will soon be acquiring an alcohol license.

“You know rugby goers, they love to have a beer with their breakfast,” says Carrie.

The cafe is currently open for five days a week and is running a reduced menu to make the new staff comfortable. Yet they plan to extend to seven working days in December as they hope that the influx of Christmas shoppers will mean an increase in foot traffic.