Dating podcast talks to matchmaking society about next dating event and ‘cuffing season’

The Lonely Hearts fundraiser is back in December to raise awareness of cardiac arrest conditions and fund kits which can help save lives. Hear all about it in this exclusive podcast

The Welsh Hearts Society's matchmaking fundraiser form will close on December 1 2021.
A special one-off podcast was conducted by Group 2 from Cardiff University’s MA in Magazine Journalism course in relation to the topic of dating post-lockdown. (Illustration credit: Ashvin Tiwana)

Cardiac arrests are a cause for concern within the Cardiff community, and the Welsh Hearts Society is using its expertise to raise funds for life-saving defibrillators, while also playing cupid. 

The university society is hosting a Lonely Hearts fundraiser on 5 December where students have to fill in a form with what they are looking for in order to be matched; in return the cost of the ticket will go towards funding defibrillators in the city. 

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Social media representative, Harriet Middleton, said the society’s main aims are to raise awareness of conditions that may cause cardiac arrest, teach people how to do CPR effectively, and raise money for defibrillators. 

“Currently, only about one in 20 people would survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and with every minute that passes, the odds of survival decrease by 10% if there’s no CPR, and if there’s no defibrillators present,” Harriet shared. 

She added, “It’s really important to start CPR early and to get to a defibrillator. We’re really passionate about educating the public on how to do chest compressions and life support, and also making sure there’s a defibrillator closeby.” 

Only about one in 20 people would survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and with every minute that passes, the odds for survival decrease by 10%

A ticket costs £3 for one match or £5 for two, and can be bought on the Cardiff Students’ Union website. 

There are currently 275 signups and more than £1,000 has been raised, with a defibrillator costing £995. 

Social media representative, Hannah Beetham, argued this year’s fundraiser has been more successful because Wales is no longer in lockdown. 

“People are more keen to meet up, there’s more options of things to do. I think people during lockdown missed dating and being able to get out there and meet people face-to-face, it’s so much better than talking to people online,” Hannah said. 

Matchmaking fundraiser organisers Harriet Middleton and Hannah Beetham in conversation with Emma and Nikita
(from left to right) Harriet Middleton and Hannah Beetham from Welsh Hearts Society join Emma and Nikita for an insightful podcast.

Interested in raising funds for defibrillators and finding your match? Sign up for the Lonely Hearts fundraiser by 1 December.

Defibrillators in the city

Disclaimer: This map was made in October 2020, and is not fully up-to-date.  However, it is a good indication of  where defibrillators may be located and should only be used to familiarize oneself with the locations, and not in the case of an emergency.