Welsh beauty entrepreneur cut her losses to launch cosmetics brand in lockdown

Beauty entrepreneur who founded the first makeup academy in Wales, Zoë Trigwell, launched her brand Trigwell Cosmetics at home during lockdown

Founder of Trigwell Cosmetics, Zoë Trigwell shows her brand’s Harmony Lashes. Image Credit: Youtube.

Sleek and shiny hair tied in a high ponytail, thick lashes on and a foundation touch up, Zoë is sat behind the camera and launches the meeting on Zoom.

From being a single mother at 20 with a job in customer services to launching a beauty company at 27 amid a global pandemic, Zoë seems optimistic for the future.

The Welsh beauty entrepreneur was pregnant with her second child when she launched vegan and cruelty-free Trigwell Cosmetics from the comfort of her home in Cwmbran during the lockdown in May 2020. 

I’m one of those people who don’t do things by half. I’ll do a million things or nothing

Zoë Trigwell

Zoë says, “Truthfully, it was hard work but I’m one of those people who don’t do things by half. I’ll do a million things or nothing.”

The makeup artist is a qualified teacher who owned and managed the first makeup academy in Wales for three years. Zoë Trigwell Makeup Academy located in Newport closed down earlier this year in February as a result of the pandemic. Zoë refers to the academy as her baby who slipped away during the pandemic. 

With two children and a new company, Zoë focused on building her beauty enterprise from home.

“I sort of lost the love for makeup and the academy, Covid took that away from me. Starting Trigwell Cosmetics made me fall in love with makeup all over again but in a different way. I found happiness within myself,” said the entrepreneur. 

Following her passion

Zoë juggled a full-time job in customer services when she started her beauty blog in 2014 after her son was born. Growing up, Zoë was inspired by the growing trends in blogging. She reviewed beauty products on the blog which took off when Zoë discovered Instagram. 

The makeup artist said, “I nearly gained 1k followers from my locality initially and now I have around 20k followers. Instagram helped me form a customer base for Trigwell Cosmetics.”

The self-taught makeup artist started her career with three clients. “Just friends or friends of friends wanted me to do their makeup. I began receiving requests after posting pictures of their makeup looks on Instagram. I decided to join college for a qualification in makeup and cosmetics,” said Zoë.

Launching in pandemic

With years of experience in the beauty industry from blogging, makeup artistry and teaching to being an entrepreneur, Zoë continues to accept challeneges. She established a business in lockdown and organised weekly online makeup tutorials and, stopped two weeks before she had the baby.

The businesswoman said that the lockdown had its problems, for instance, a massive delay in receiving her central product, 10-piece brush sets. In hindsight, she feels grateful to have had the extra time with her children.

The academy owner also said that the pandemic caused turmoil in the beauty industry because makeup artistry relies upon face-to-face meetings.

Zoe expressed, “It became more important to execute my brand during the lockdown. I wanted to help people simplify their makeup routine and still provide a luxurious feeling through inexpensive products.”

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