Performers of NoFit State’s Lexicon circus are training for their final tour

Roll up, roll up to see the final performance of Lexicon circus. The performers have only been given a week to train for the last run

One of the performers of Lexicon’s show. Image credit: NoFit State

Performers in NoFit State’s Lexicon circus have a week to train before their month-long tour begins on 15 December.  

The circus company is based in Cardiff, but acts have flown in from all over Europe. They only have a week to rehearse. The rehearsal days begin at 10am and finish at 7pm.

The marketing and communications officer said “The days are long and tiring but there are a few ensemble pieces that are less physically taxing which gives performers a bit of a break.”

The director of the show, Firenza Guidi, has been helping to set up the tent in Sophia Gardens.

The Lexicon team has begun setting up their tent to put on a magical show. Image credit: NoFit State

The Lexicon tour’s aim is to leave no trace after they have finished a show. Seeing as artists travel from all over Europe, Lexicon only wishes to leave the memory of their performance in the audience’s heads.

According to the marketing officer, the circus “Pitches a tent, drums up an audience and then leaves as if nothing happened.”

NoFit State is a company that takes to the road with no destination in mind, they just think about the journey ahead.

Aside from touring their circus, NoFit State also produce a range of classes in their community centre on Four Elms Road, Cardiff.

They provide weekly training sessions to become part of the circus, but due to the pandemic these have had to be limited.

Classes range from private lessons, which, offer beginners the chance to have one-to-one training with a performer, to professional where qualified artists can go to perfect their skills.

Although, the impact of coronavirus has caused NoFit State to “re-focus” their classes, says the leader of communications. They have moved towards doing work in the community to give back to the less fortunate.

The Lexicon show will be in the Sophia Gardens from 15 December – 15 January, 2022.

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