Cardiff bakery serves up healthy desserts for World Diabetes Day

Wales has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the UK yet only a few bakeries in the city offer low sugar cakes

Diabetic-friendly Welsh cake from Cardiff Bakestones Credit: Poorvi Singhal

Cardiff Bakestones in Central Market is one of the very few places in the capital to serve diabetic-friendly desserts.

On World Diabetes Day, they will be serving three diabetic-friendly options: fruit and plain Welsh cakes, fruit and plain scones and rock cakes.

Tucked in the bustling Cardiff Central Market on St Mary Street, this bakery has been offering warm Welsh cakes for 22 years. They have also been serving diabetic-friendly options for some years.

The image shows diabetic friendly scones and welsh cakes at Cardiff Bakestones
Freshly prepared, diabetic-friendly desserts at Cardiff Bakestones Credit: Poorvi Singhal

“Our owner is diabetic, type 1, and she checks everything,” says Jackie, a seasoned baker at the establishment.

According to Diabetes UK, Wales has the highest prevalence of diabetes in the UK. Nearly 8% of the population above the age of 17 is affected, and the numbers are rising every year. A report from Diabetes UK suggest, “We are all likely to know someone affected.”

Hence, 14 November is globally recognised as World Diabetes Day to raise awareness about the risks, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and how to deal with it on an everyday basis.

And, a huge part of living with diabetes is deciding what and how often to eat. For type 1 diabetes, Diabetes UK recommends going for regular treats and watching the portion sizes. For type 2 however, it recommends occasional treats with monitored portion sizes.

Our owner is diabetic, type 1, and she checks everything

Craving for a guilt-free treat already? Cardiff Bakestones welcomes customers Monday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm with a selection of diabetic desserts. The Welsh cakes cost £2.00 for 5 pieces, rock cakes £1.30 and scones 60p apiece.

The photo shows customers waiting at Cardiff Bakestones to buy Welsh cakes
Customers queue at Cardiff Bakestones to relish warm Welsh cakes Credit: Poorvi Singhal

They also offer traditional and flavoured Welsh cakes, shortbreads, flapjacks, brownies, cookies, tarts and more. Some vegan options are available too.

Cardiff Bakestones can even parcel up desserts to your friends and family across Europe if informed beforehand.


Find sugar-free cookies, chocolates and other diabetic snacks at Wellness @ Beanfreaks Health Food Store in Morgan Quarter, Royal Arcade