Free food given away by group in fight for ‘socialist Welsh republic’

A group in Cardiff is holding free food events open to everyone based around its belief that nobody deserves to go hungry

Free food event held at Cathays Community Centre in Cardiff.
At Cathays Community Centre, the Welsh Underground Network hosted a free food event. 
CREDIT: Valleys Underground Network twitter.

A Marxist group in Cardiff is giving away food and household goods this winter while advocating for a radical change to the economy of Wales.

The Welsh Underground Network says its free food shares are open to everyone. “We don’t require referrals like some food banks do,” said a representative for the group. 

The group identify as a Marxist organisation fighting for a socialist Welsh republic. A representative said: “When you see the queues for food banks, or people desperate to make ends meet amidst a cost-of-living crisis, it’s hard not to get angry.”

Fresh bread, long life milk, tinned foods and essentials are some of the products being given away to anyone in need.

As well as a wide range of projects across Wales, the group have been working in Cardiff during the past month. They recently held a free food share at Cathays community centre alongside the Trans Aid Cymru crafts fair.  

When you see the queues for food banks, it’s hard not to get angry

According to Collins dictionary, Marxism is, “A political philosophy based on the writings of Karl Marx which stresses the importance of the struggle between different social classes.”

A group representative said: “We aim to use community action to show our power as a community and show people that there’s an alternative to the current system we live under.”

The Welsh Underground Network currently has over 5000 followers on Twitter and regularly updates their social media with upcoming events. They encourage people to contact them via their social media pages if they need help. 

When asked why they offer free food events, a representative for the group replied: “Amidst the poverty given to us as a result of government negligence and the objective refusal to give the people the necessary means to support themselves on a basic level, WUN stepped in to help bridge that gap and show utmost solidarity.”

The group are hoping to engage in more community action in Cardiff in the near future.