Cafes and restaurants help people eat out in the cost-of-living crisis

Money is tight and eating out is classed as a luxury, but Cardiff’s food industry is helping those who need it

Wild Thing Cafe, located on Cathays Terrace inside the Community Centre

The cost-of-living crisis has impacted almost everyone, and a luxury such as eating out might have taken a backseat, but the food industry wants to be accessible for everyone.

Independent restaurant Kindle in Sophia Gardens has introduced a Christmas payment scheme with its customers in mind, where they have 48 hours to pay their bill after a £10 deposit to spread the cost. It has written on its instagram: “We know cash flow isn’t so flowy this year.”

Wild Thing Cafe practises a pay what you can scheme, where customers can pay less or more than the suggested price for their food. 

The cafe is located in the Community Centre in Cathays which holds events for the community and runs Cardiff’s first Community Fridge. The cafe is next door to the Community Fridge, where they happily donate food and meals for those accessing the fridge. 

Chef, Becky, said their affordable scheme enables the food to be accessible for everyone. She clarified that most people pay the suggested prices, which were introduced within the year. Before this, people would pay whatever they had. 

Customers also tend to pay it forward, where they pay for a coffee or meal for someone who cannot afford it. 

Cardiff casual food blogger Selinaroseeats said she has noticed changes due to the cost-of-living crisis. 

Going out for food is an activity I like to prioritise as I enjoy it

“I’ve found that I’m eating out less than usual, and being more selective with where I go,” she said. She specified that she prefers to visit independent restaurants in Cardiff in order to support local people instead of a large corporation. 

Selina has noticed that her followers have asked her for opinions and reviews on places in Cardiff. They want to save their money for food that is really worth it. 

She noted, “going out for food is an activity I like to prioritise as I enjoy it.” She revealed that she relates to her followers and also looks for reviews and deals when scouring for her next meal. 

Selina’s favourite independent places to eat in Cardiff:

  • For coffee: Brodies Coffee, Gorsedd Gardens & Bike Lock Cafe, Windsor Place
  • For food: One O Clock gate, Dinas Powys & The Classroom, Cardiff and Vale College
  • For quick bites: Pierogi, Cardiff Market & Ffwrnes Pizza, Cardiff Market