Narcotics support group makes history supporting LGBTQ+ addicts

A support group aimed at members of the queer community struggling with drug addiction launches in Cardiff

a pile of pills on a red background surrounded by pill packets
LGBTQ+ people struggling with drug use will benefit from a new support group Credit: Pexels

A local support group for addicts is making history by starting the first LGBTQ+ meeting of its kind in the city.

Cocaine Anonymous members in Cardiff feel there isn’t enough support for addicts in the LGBTQ+ community so to combat this they’ve created a group specifically for them. 

The drug support group calls itself a fellowship where people share their experiences and follow a 12-step programme aimed at people who are seeking recovery from addiction.  

Figures from The Office of National Statistics found that approximately 3 million adults reported using drugs last year in England and Wales.

According to a report published by the UK Drug Policy Commission drug use among LGBT groups is higher than heterosexual groups which highlights the need for more focused support. The LGBTQ+ Cocaine Anonymous (CA) group in Cardiff is aiming to provide this.

When asked why the group was started, a member said: “We created this group so that members of the LGBTQ+ community could identify more with shared stories about addiction.”

The group says membership of CA has grown at lot in Cardiff and people from the LGBTQ+ community have been part of this. The committee felt that another safe space for LGBTQ+ addicts would benefit them and encourage them to seek help.

Some experiences with drugs are exclusive to the LGBTQ+ community and some members of the fellowship felt the main groups didn’t always identify with queer members due to these differences. For example, chemsex is more common in the queer community and less prevalent in other addicts’ lives.

Another member of the committee said: “We need to create that safe space where people can come together, they won’t be judged and we can talk about things affecting the community.”

The group has been running for two weeks now and they support people struggling with different addictions. They meet every Friday at 6.15pm in The Old Chapel Room, City United Reformed Church.

If you’re struggling with drug misuse you can find support from Dan 24/7 here.