Mouldy bread used to feed birds 'poisoning' dogs in Cardiff

Pets are being poisoned in Cardiff by mouldy bread used to feed birds says city vet Rebecca Fernandez.

Ms Fernandez has confirmed it’s a big problem in Roath Park, where several owners have reported their dogs becoming ill.
“When bread turns mouldy, it produces a toxin that is poisonous to dogs,” she told CJS News.
Dog owner, Penny Bowers says her dogs are regularly ill because they are eating bread left in parks.
“My dogs are scavengers so periodically they are ill from being in the parks.
“It could be a virus or something like that but I’m sure that often it must be mouldy bread or mouldy food that’s put out to birds”.
She says although muzzles on dogs would physically stop them eating mouldy bread, that would be an extreme solution.
Ms Fernandez says “people need to be more educated about what dogs can and can’t eat” and recommends calling the vet immediately if an owner suspects poisoning.
“It could be that the vet wants to examine the animal and check for first signs of sickness, tremors and neurological episodes that we would be most concerned about,” she said.
Cats, horses and birds are also at risk from eating the toxin.
In a statement, the RSPB UK says they “would advise that bread only makes up a small part of a bird’s diet and alternatives to feeding bread are oats, seeds and leafy greens such as lettuce and rocket, peas and sweet corn”.