A political revolution? The Welsh National Party established

A new political party is about to be born with just over a year to go until the national assembly elections for Wales. Neil McEvoy, the former Labour and Plaid Assembly Member is set to launch The Welsh National Party on the third of April.

Some politicians and citizens alike have been calling out for change in the Welsh political system for years but Mr McEvoy thinks it has never come to fruition. Labour has dominated the assembly’s agenda since its creation in 1999 but Mr McEvoy thinks he can appeal to and has found a space for a new political party in Wales

When I met him today and asked why he set up the Welsh National Party (WNP) he claimed At the recent general election he spoilt his ballot paper as he felt he couldn’t vote for any of the parties and that there were so many people like him. He then went on to say, “The WNP is a serious party which wants robust opposition, believing in individual sovereignty to empower people to have control of their own lives.”

The party would be funded by ‘a democratic membership and crowd funding pages’ and not through Mr McEvoy’s current political expenses though he has one of the highest office costs in Welsh politics.  

He went on to say that the WMP plan to stand in every political election at all level across Wales, from local council to Westminster elections. He claimed there is already interest in the party as far as Gwynedd north Wales.

Mr McEvoy believes his Plaid Cymru followers will follow him and vote for him at the next assembly elections. Under a plaid ticket he got within 1200 votes causing a 11% swing by almost dethroning current first minister Mark Drakeford.

Even though Mr McEvoy is optimistic and ambitious about his party’s chances it will be down the voters who vote at the ballot box next year.