COVID-19 vaccine in Wales ‘marks beginning of a change’

CORONAVIRUS vaccines have been administered in Wales and across the UK for the first time.

After rigorous trials, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine was authorised by the UK government early last week.

Alan Parker, a professor at the Cardiff University School of Medicine, said: “It was really emotional watching the first vaccination on the TV this morning. I think it probably does mark a beginning of a change from where we are now”.

However, Carly Bliss PhD, warned that the vaccine alone “will not solve the problem”. Bliss says that another outbreak could “hamper the rollout”.

While overall cases across the UK are falling, the figures in Wales are increasing. It has been reported that the Welsh government is considering a new national lockdown to curb the rapid rise in infections.

Frontline healthcare workers and the elderly in Wales have started receiving their first jabs, however, “it could take months before some people receive a vaccine“.

Professor Julian Hiscox, Chair in Infection and Global Health at the University of Liverpool, advises the public to continue to maintain social distancing and hand hygiene over the coming months.