‘Too little’ taxi funding in Covid crisis, says union

NEW Welsh Government funding for the struggling taxi trade in Wales may not be enough, a union says.

The grant will allow taxi drivers – who are struggling due to the Welsh Government’s Covid-19 restrictions – to claim up to £2,000 through local authorities based on a first-come-first-served system.

The Regional Officer for Unite Wales, Alan McCarthy says this is a relief for taxi drivers, but there is a concern because drivers have lost a lot more than £2,000.

The funding comes after a protest was held by taxi drivers in Cardiff last month. They called for more help and an acknowledgment of how uniquely taxi drivers have been hit by restrictions in Wales.

“There have been restrictions on all of the things that generate income for taxi drivers, such as bars and retail.” Mr. McCartney added.

Covid 19 restrictions in Wales have meant that many taxi drivers are earning below the national living wage.

Unite Wales Union would like to see extra funding for taxi trade in Wales through sector-specific support if there are to be further restrictions.

Mr. McCartney called for local authorities to reach out to taxi drivers in Wales to ensure they will apply for the grant and make it an easy process.

Welsh Government had already provided financial support to other transport sectors, including bus and rail since coronavirus restrictions started.