Cardiff University ‘to evict’ students who break lockdown rules to party in halls of residence

Cardiff University is clamping down on the number of house parties and gatherings in their halls of residence in breech of Coronavirus lockdown rules.

In a letter sent to all accommodation flats, the University threatens to evict those breaking the rules.

This letter comes after it was revealed 61 fines were issued by South Wales police in Cathays alone last weekend.

Beth Williams is a first-year student who lives in Senghennydd Court and says the letter has changed her behaviour.

“There’s definitely more security presence about and that’s stopped us from mixing with other flats,” she says.

“People are more aware that there are punishments if you break the rules.”

Senghennydd Court is one of the halls of residents that received a letter this week

But, Beth says, there’s a fine line between keeping track of students and frightening them.

“On Wednesday night, security came into our flat” she says.

“We we’re asked why we we’re sitting so close to each other, even though we live together and share the same facilities.

“It was very scary.”

However, those students living in private accommodation have not received the letter.

This is contrary to the experience of students in Swansea University, who received an email yesterday warning rule-breakers of a the potential to be fined – or even risk the future of their studies.

Beth Williams says it’s unfair that only those living on campus are being monitored so closely.

“I know that people in second and third year living in private accommodation don’t have the worry of University security turning up and regulating them,” she said.

A spokesperson for Cardiff University says those who repeatedly break the rules will be considered by a Student Conduct Panel.

They say the safety of the students are their top priority as they stop gatherings taking place.