Clos Nant Glaswg will be the site of the proposed new footpath. Credit: Rob Lee

Ty-Draw housing development plan angers Pontprennau residents

Residents in Pontprennau are unhappy with plans to link their cul-de-sac to a new housing estate north of Ty-Draw Road.

Under an amended planning application submitted to Cardiff Council, plans for 45 affordable houses would now include the demolition of Number 43 Clos Nant Glaswg.

The demolition is to make way for a foot and cycle path linking Clos Nant Glaswg to the new estate can be built. The original plans were published in October 2019 with the new plans submitted last week.

People who live on Clos Nant Glaswg are especially concerned at the prospect of their street being turned into an “overflow car park”. They argue that visitors to the estate will park on their street and use the footpath as a “thoroughfare”.

Rob Lee, one of those affected by the planned changes, told CJS News he through that local people’s views weren’t being considered by the developer.

He said: “They haven’t taken our feelings into account. There’s an increased possibility of traffic because there’s not enough parking in this new development and the overspill will go into Clos Nant Glaswg. It will therefore lead to more traffic overall.”

Another local resident Alison Williams says it would make more sense to move the footpath elsewhere.

“It would make more sense for it to be further down Ty-Draw Road towards the school where they have access to a park, to Aldi and to bus stops. That’s what we don’t understand.”

Residents have the support of local Welsh Conservative Councillor Joel Williams, who is also against the development.

“It is inappropriately situated on Ty-Draw Road in Pontprennau; a country lane. Rightfully, residents have legitimate concerns, I have legitimate concerns and I’m supporting residents in objecting to the application.”

Williams, who represents the Pontprennau and Old St Mellons ward on Cardiff Council, argues that the residents’ concerns are valid.

“There is a risk that there will be anti-social parking in Clos Nant Glaswg with cars parking outside those residential homes to walk into the new development.”

Housing developer United Welsh have been contacted for comment.