Undetected conditions could kill people with learning disabilities

Charities fear that more people with learning disabilities will die as a result of serious conditions that aren’t diagnosed because of Coronavirus.

A variety of serious conditions are often picked up in annual health checks with GPs but these checks are unable to go ahead due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Director of Mencap Cymru Wayne Crocker explained: “There is growing worry that we might see a greater number of deaths from conditions that have been exacerbated by Covid rather than from Covid itself.

“(These are) Conditions that might have been picked up when people with a learning disability had their annual health checks.

“Because those annual health checks aren’t happening, those conditions may be present. That’s really worrying because people may end up dying because of conditions that were treatable. But COVID has prevented those individuals from going to see their doctors or having their annual health checks.”

RCGP Wales has highlighted that GPs are still carrying out check ups and appointments, but many of these are phone or video consultations to keep patients and healthcare staff safe from Coronavirus.

They acknowledge these can have limitations but reiterated that general practice has remained open through-out the pandemic and say “no-one should delay seeking GP advice if they need it.”