Calls for Golf clubs in Wales to be re-opened

Golfers in Wales are frustrated that courses are not yet open despite the announcement last week that 4 people from the different households can exercise with each other outside.

Many believe that golf can be played safely by following social distancing rules and think it’s unfair that people can meet up in parks but they can’t meet up on golf courses.

Llyr Evans, who plays golf as a hobby, said: “I don’t understand it. It’s exactly the same as going for a walk in the park.”

He added that he would feel safer on a golf course than when he queues outside a supermarket.

Important physically and mentally

Statistics from Golf Wales show that 83% of golfers say the sport has positively impacted their mental health.

The organization is calling on the Welsh Government to acknowledge the importance of sports like golf in these challenging times.

Stewart Harris, a veteran of the Welsh Guards and also an ambassador for Wales Golf, says the sport saved his life when he struggled with depression.

“Golf has been a very important tool for me, I really miss it. I hope those in power will listen to us now and golf courses open soon,” he said.

Golf is a sport that can be played without contact with other people and during the first lockdown, golf courses were one of the first things to re-open.

Emilia Gilham, from Cardiff Golf Club, says she cannot understand why golf clubs can’t be opened. She added that all members at Cardiff Golf Club are eager to come back and are happy to pay their membership.

“We are lucky, these memberships means we can afford the cost of upkeeping and make sure the golf course is ready for when we can open our doors.”