Classical musicians are calling for more air time

Classical musicians call for more air time on Welsh radio

Welsh language classical artists say their music is being neglected on Welsh Language Music Day.

The seventh annual Dydd Miwsig Cymru or Welsh Language Music Day was celebrated in Wales on Friday.

It aims to showcase the many genres represented in the industry and is part of the government’s vision to reach a million Welsh speakers by 2050.

However, some say musicians do not receive the spotlight they deserve on radio.

Robyn Lyn Evans from he Welsh National Opera says not enough classical music is heard on air.

“It would be nice to hear Welsh singers singing opera possibly on the radio,” he said.

“Classical singing is an important art form as well, maybe more niche than rock and pop quite possibly, but still it’s a very important part of music.”

It isn’t only the classical soloists that feel they’ve been pushed aside.

Some choirs feel neglected despite competing in the Eisteddfod and other competitions, like Côr Cymru.

Choral composer Richard Vaughan says Welsh Language Music Day doesn’t target all ages: “Classical music tends to be for an older demographic where they wouldn’t necessarily engage with Welsh Language Music Day because it’s seen as something for a younger bunch of people, so it could look demographically across all age groups and bring more people into it.”

The Welsh Government has said Welsh Language Music Day celebrates all forms of Welsh Language.

Lewys Meredydd, lead singer of the rock band Lewys, says the scheme does show the various kinds of songs in Wales

“The whole point of Welsh language music day is to open up a world of music for anyone, not just the rock and pop genres,” he said.

“I think especially these days, there’s been a big stride in making sure that as much variety of Welsh language music is covered.”