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Fairwater Community Campus Gets Cash Boost from Council Despite Local Opposition

The £80 million site will house 3 local schools but locals fear the project will bring added traffic chaos

Cardiff Council have approved extra funds for a three school campus project in Fairwater despite some locals being against the idea.

The Council has admitted that inflation increases, and a new design development has meant that more funds are needed for the Fairwater Community Campus.

The redevelopment will see Cantonian High School, Woodlands School and Riverbank School all on one site.

Cabinet Member for Education, Councillor Sarah Merry, said the extra cash boost is essential.

“Cardiff, like all councils, is experiencing the impact of significant inflationary pressures”

“I’m proud to say that the scheme represents the best solution for the education of pupils. Delaying the project will bring further risks to the development and will not be beneficial”

The new plans show that the 1,200 students on the campus will have two access points- the main entrance on Fairwater Road with a side entrance on Doyle Avenue.

Some local people are concerned that the revised project will bring traffic problems.

Local Councillor, Neil McEvoy says that the development will end up hurting the local community.

“The Traffic increase with the plans will cause real disruption, more air pollution and more gridlock”

“Our community does not have the infrastructure to cope with all the developments going ahead”

Claire Venables, a local resident, said on the Fairwater Community Group’s Facebook site that traffic already presents a problem.

“It is already an absolute nightmare trying to get out of Fairwater in the mornings as it is”

“The school bus that my grandson gets doesn’t get out of Fairwater for around 15-20 minutes most days”

Cardiff Council say that next stage of the development will commence soon with temporary accommodation being installed for Cantonian High School in September 2023.